Department of Civil Engineering
Mother Teresa Institute of Science and Technology has started offering B.Tech programme in Civil Engineering only in 2008. The Department is in the process of building up faculty and laboratories. It has well equipped laboratories in the fields of Surveying, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Engineering Geology and Environmental Engineering, Geo Technical Engineering, Highway Engineering, Concrete Technology, CAD and RS & GIS.

Faculty members are encouraged to improve their academic qualification and gain experience by attending FDPs, workshops, conferences etc. Three faculty members’ have been awarded PhD by reputed Universities/ Institutions and Three have registered for PhD. To meet the current industry needs, the students are trained in the usage of Total Station (survey equipment), and latest software in Structural Design, AutoCAD, STAAD-Pro, Arc GIS, SUPER AUTO ESTIMATOR etc. They are encouraged to present research papers at workshops and conferences, and to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

A Civil Engineering Association has been formed which organizes events like World Water Day, Environmental Awareness Program etc. The Department is determined to organize guest lectures by eminent personalities and industry experts.

The Department carries out consultancy work in various areas:
-> Structural Engineering
-> Material Testing
-> Mix Design
-> Transportation engineering
-> Environmental engineering.
-> Geo Technology and Foundation Engineering.
Cadblab Rs &GES lab
The use of CAD process provides enhanced graphics capabilities which allows any designer to Conceptualize his ideas.RS&GIS lab dealing with basic GIS topics using the software package ArcGIS and module dealing with Remote Sensing topics
Concrete Technology lab
Concrete technology lab deals with the basic properties and methods of testing of cement, aggregates, paste, mortar, concrete.

Envirnomental Engineering lab
The Environmental Laboratory is primarily focused on chemical analysis of surface and groundwater samples.

Geo Technical Engineering lab
The geotechnical engineering deals with the study of the physical properties of soil in various natural and artificial environments and the behavior of soil masses subjected to various types of forces.

Surveying lab
The Surveying Lab is used to introduce students to the concepts and practices of basic land surveying.

Transpotation Engineering lab
Transportation engineering lab provides support in wide range of specialized areas of transportation engineering analysis and bitumen analysis and testing to the students.

Fluid Mechanics lab
The fluid mechanics laboratory is equipped to test and verify some of the principles of fluid flow.

Geology lab
The identification of different types of rocks and understanding their behavior are the major objectives of geology laboratory.

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