Class Rooms

•All the classrooms in MIST are as per the norms of AICTE.
•Each classroom is equipped with a Computer, LCD, OHP, Glass Board and modern student benches.
•Some of the class rooms have A-View Facility.
•Most of the class rooms have A/C Facility for comfortable learning environment.
All laboratories are well equipped, well maintained and enable not only conduction of curriculum - oriented experiments but also to carry out project and research oriented works.

Communication skills Lab 

The Lab mainly focuses to make students understand how a writing task is an act of communication, with a purpose, context and an audience with a variety of classroom tasks and assignments, the course instructor will create communicative situations for the learners to sharpen their writing skills for technical and professional purposes.

After the course, the learners are expected to become confident in making use of their own resources in language, knowledge and experience while corresponding with their peers or associates in the academic/ business / professional world.

A well established, multimedia language laboratory aims at helping students to overcome their linguistic deficiencies and develop proficiency in English usage. This enables budding professionals to enhance their employability and enables their seamless integration into the corporate field at national and global level.

Basic Computing Lab  

This Lab mainly focuses on the First year students to offer them programs expertise in 'C' languages and data structures. A comprehensive introduction of C language is offered through this lab to enable the students to write diversified programs using this language. This lab also makes student learn how to make a programming language applied for Data Structures. We also teach the student to write programs on data structures using C.

Advanced Programming & Networking Lab  

The Advanced Programming Lab-1 will enhance database handling, data manipulation and data processing skills through SQL & PL/SQL, which will help them in developing data centric computer applications.These lab experiments are designed to make the different software components or applications to connect with each other. This lab offers experiments on C#, CORBA, ORB lets, ADO.NET. After the course completion students will be able to call Java Object service from remote places, get familiar about ADO.NET to connect data base using .NET and access advanced web services using SOAP protocol.

Web Application & Design Lab  

The Advanced programming Lab-II is for working in Web Technologies, Network security which is handled with specific softwares and simulators.

After Completion the Lab Work the student can focus on learning to create security in networks as well as information and database. Also protect e-mail messages and instant messaging from common security threats and have basic ideas of routing algorithms.

This lab offers hands on experience of java programming. The exercises are framed in such way that they extend from simple to medium and advanced programs. After completing these exercise students expected to have good experience of programming in java language.

Seminar Halls

The college has three seminar halls for various programs. All the three seminar halls are equipped with modern equipments.

S.No   Seminar Hall   Sitting Capacity     Seating Type    Audio - Visual Aid
01      Seminar Hall1  220                       Executive         Available
02      Seminar Hall2  220                       Executive         Available
03      Seminar Hall3  220                       Executive          Available

Internet & Wi-Fi

MIST   has very good Internet Facility with 100 Mbps Leased Line (open mode), providing required
speed(24x7) round the clock for all the computers in our campus.
Entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled for students , staff and visitors, in order to have a central computing
facility in our College.
CISCO Router, switches are used for networking, due to which  suffient and required bandwith
network facility is available in the entire campus.
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